Thursday, November 18, 2010

Les Bijoux de Catherine ~ From my personal collection

 Selling my line of jewelry online has changed everything for me. I am still stunned by the ever expanding web of friendships that I have made there.

Some of them are with my clients. Our highly personal relations have blurred the traditional seller/buyer line. The give and take goes both ways for a mutually enriching experience.

Even more striking are the ties that developed with my fellow artisans. I am quite passionate about the creative process and appreciate all that goes into the creation of their pieces. I starting collecting - and of course wearing!- some of their beautiful jewels.

Here are a few samples...

A gorgeous Montana Agate ring from Black Daisy Designs. The pattern of the stone is absolutely striking!

One of several pairs from Emily Gray Jewels' signature Halo collection. I am still coveting hard one of Emily's large hip necklaces.

A favorite necklace from Sirpa K Jewelry which I wear very often. I love that its length allows me to just put it on and go, no fumbling with the clasp needed.

I enjoy wearing this exquisite pair from Edera Jewelry at night when the precious silver threads shimmer in the light. I love their intricate workmanship!

 This smaller necklace from Jewels by L designs  packs a punch! The focal was from Laura's personal collection and I am already plotting my next one.

And because one always needs a simple pair of pearl earrings, I recently treated myself to these cuties from Lee Ohio Designs' Fall collection - a perfect example that good design does not have to be complicated.

To be continued…


  1. Ooh, what a lovely collection you have, Catherine--so happy to have a little piece of mine as part of it! :)

  2. Hahaha, sometimes when my hair falls a certain way and I wear your earrings, I look like I just stepped out from an episode of Mad Men!;D

  3. Lovely collection! You inspired me to share mine too :)

  4. Oh, yes, a lovely collection! Thank you for sharing!

  5. Great, Sirpa! I can't wait to see your personal collection!!!

    BTW, Katja above inspired me to share mine. She has a Facebook album entirely dedicated to her personal acquisitions!:)

  6. Thanks Katja for the comment...and the idea! There are still so many pieces I want to buy, starting with just about any rings from Jess of RosyRevolver on Etsy. Her latest listings were to die for!

  7. Ginger, this year was the first time I felt financially secure enough (with my biz) to justify treating myself to all these goodies.

  8. What a beautiful collection Catherine! Feeling extremely fortunate to be included in your collection. :) Hoping I can eventually get back into purchasing some things as I too love to collect pieces from other artists. Thank you for sharing Catherine. :)

  9. I am so jealous about the collection you all have I only have one and really need to start collecting some too :)

  10. such a lovely personal collection! I'm so glad you have a piece of mine there... and I have a piece of yours! I adore my Clematis necklace!~

  11. Laura, thank you ...and you did, didn't you!!!

  12. Jo, seriously will you make more rings already!!! I am a ring woman and I need to add something with Cornish flair to my collection!;)))